Slow but promising start, Oculus is growing.

Everything began at the very beginning of 2011, when Garrett Kemp and Heidi Hussa attended the final meeting of a former environmental non-profit organization looking to culminate their operations. After a unanimous vote and signing of papers, the 501(c)3 title had been passed from the former Rockaway-based organization to the new young leaders. With the assistance of Viktoria Kosubal, the new bylaws and mission statements were been drafted, and the new purpose of the organization was clarified.


The new goal- the non-profit would be dedicated to the perpetuation and appreciation of the arts. However, the founders did not want their organization to be an unrelatable and distant gallery show sort of organization. Oculus wanted to use art to bring together a community by way of collaborations between artists of different mediums, possibly under one roof, to work on multi-faceted projects.


So far, being about 6 months into their development, Oculus has just begun to explore the possibilities of their own potential.