Oculus’s opening night reception at the Gallery at River’s Edge was a great success. Special thanks to everyone who was involved in putting this together, including Donna Compton for being an amazing curator and Steven Donahue for providing an awesome sound system.

Up and showing are the works of young photographers Rodolfo Diaz, from the Bronx, as well as Alexander Benson and KC Weimann, both from Ridgewood, NJ. UArts students Richard Cardoza, Olivia Palmerini, and graduate Mark Fionda student are featured, bringing a cutting-edge Philadelphia style with them. Two mixed-media artists, Cecilia Ortiz and Rosemary Gonzalez add uniquely primitive-chic flavor, and freelancer Jeannie Epiphan’s commissioned prints are on display.

It was a rough run, but we truly put effort into last night. In front of the Rockaway river, Dani Glovin opened the night with her acoustic act, Procrastihontas. She played cleverly written and mellow songs, which went well with the setting midday sun. Hollow-Eyed, from Ridgewood played afterwords, with an unsettling but supremely unique, droning ambient act with three talented young musicians. Big Girl, a four piece band with incredible musical chemistry from Patterson, played a psychedelic shoegazey, lit only by dim christmas lights. Afterwards, the Handsome Men from Montclair played a hopelessly catchy and distinctive set for a half hour. Ending the evening was Lionel Pryor, who melted everyone’s faces off with sick riffs and theatrics.

To those of you who missed this one, get ready for the 19th! The line-up already consists of two bands, Magnolia Sage, fronted by Robb Fleming from Rockaway, and An Endless Register, a delay and reverb-heavy post-rock band based in Montclair. Get ready.