October at the Stanhope House

In a few months, we will have legal non-profit status. Non-profit status enables us to receive grant money, charitable donations of property, and to have adults take us really, really seriously. We have wanted, for so long, a place to call our own- where we can hang out, throw shows, play music, display art, and share and create together, and not have to worry about noise complaints, cops, parents, and boring people.

This coming month, on the 15th, we will be throwing the first of many collaborative art shows at the Stanhope House to raise money to buy this magical dream place that we ALL deserve to have access to.

On that Saturday, we will be gathering together to enjoy the music of Strange Shapes, one of our favorite bands to dance to, out of Brooklyn; The Handsome Men, our good friends from Montclair; Big Girl, who will destroy you with wild psychedelic sounds; and Bible Gun- two of the most ridiculous and wonderful human beings/musicians/friends you will probably ever meet.

Playing acoustic, accompanying the *super secret thing* that we’ll get to describing later, we have the likes of YOUNG LEGS (Steven Donahue of Rabbit Troupe), playing a medley of songs on a guitar/then another guitar/then a banjo; The Hums, which is two very adorable girls from Bergen County, and Sail the Boat, also from Bergen County.

While you’re being serenaded by a soundtrack of awesome music, displayed throughout the Stanhope House will be the works of our extremely talented friends Rosemary Gonzales, Chris Diorio, Jeannie Epiphan, Christian Peslak, Nunki Kaus, Matt Annunziata, Sam Cohen, and Adam Papanestor.

This is where we want YOU! To be a part of our big, strange family and come to this event. In the collaborative spirit of Oculus, we will be working together (well, if you want to and don’t mind possibly ruining your clothing) to paint a few canvases and a totem pole in the beer garden in the back section of the Stanhope House. Hopefully, with your effort and the effort of the talented artists, we can create something that we can be appreciated and that we can sell to help us reach our goal!

We truly believe that in working together, we can create something way bigger and better than working alone.

The cost is $8 to get in- and 100% of the profits from the show will go towards our goal. IF you, or any of your friends, or your relatives or enemies or whatever are interested in being a part of this, let us know- send us a message, email us (info@oculusart.org), send us smoke signals, stand on your roof and howl at us. At the least, come out and enjoy our company, and support your friends. We’d love to see you all.