3/16 Oculus Meeting

Oculus met tonight, for its second official meeting of 2012. Meetings have been officially scheduled weekly for every Thursday night in either Bloomfield, Montclair, or Fair Lawn.

First matter of business was official appointments of Heidi Hussa as President, Alex Cumming was appointed as Vice President, Montgomery Nummi was appointed as Temporary Secretary/Journalist, Melyka Sucaldito was appointed as Photo Journalist, Dawn Foster was appointed as Digital Administrator, Linda Chen was appointed as Public Relations Officer/Marketing Advisor.

Also under discussion was the movement of the date for the Montclair Clean Up from April 13th due to its proximity to Mardi Gras and the question of weather or not the message might be misunderstood because of this. Possible replacement dates include Arbor Day or further on due to other events occurring during the month of April.

The literary magazine, “Slowmelt,” was looked at and is near completion of its first edition. In addition to a few anonymous authors, artists Ashley Marie Simon, Linda Chen, Melyka Sucaldito, Carly Walshak, Matthew Annunziata, Veronika Hoglund, Alexandra Mason, will be a part of the catalog. Scheduled release of Slowmelt is currently TBA, but odds are we will be seeing a few copies before the end of the upcoming week.