Mission Statement

Oculus Art Collaborative is an organization that was founded to explore; discover; showcase; nurture; and promote artists primarily within the state of New Jersey. Oculus aims to provide a means of exposure and free expression to individuals who would like to be involved, as well as create a community around those individuals. Oculus is committed to creating this community of artists with the intent of bringing them into the spotlight. Since its foundation, Oculus has become not just an entity for providing a means of exposure and free expression, but also a group that utilizes each artist’s specific skills set to create collaborative work. With an emphasis on mixed-media collaborations, the aim is to create an interdependence of characters to generate a reflection of the collective. Oculus seeks to nurture their developing artists as individuals, but also as members of a collective.


The organization intends to do this by providing and reserving exhibition space to both new and established artists; building collaborative installation pieces; providing projects and activities relating to art that encourage public recognition; appreciation; and perhaps most importantly participation all serving as a channel for inspiration and creativity.


The word “artist” includes but is not limited to painters, illustrators, architects, designers, print-makers, photographers, musicians, performance artists, poets and writers in both a conceptual and literal sense.