Linda Chen,

Linda Chen

Linda Chen was born in New York, and lived all of her life in Kearny, NJ. She started her artistic journey at a very early age, drawing at every moment she could. She has always been interested in the female form and it has been the dominant subject of all her work up this day. She studied Studio Art and Marketing at Montclair State University. In was in her Life Drawing class that she discovered her true medium, charcoal, although she did not restrict herself to it. Her desire to create allowed her to stem off into different mediums, such as photography, ink, music, and sewing. Linda wanted to combine her knowledge that she learned in college and apply it to the real world. It was this desire that compelled her to the Newark art scene. It was not long after that she made reputation for herself in the Newark arts community. She interned at Solo(s) Project House with Rebecca Jampol, Index Art Center with Lowell Craig, and Newark Museum. She was the catalyst in Oculus Art Collaborative’s presence in Newark. She made her mark when she created a music and art showcase called STEREOSCOPE at Index Art Center, which quickly became a popular event in Newark.

Kevin Durkin,

Kevin Durkin

Kevin Durkin was born in Portland, Oregon in February 1988. He was adopted and has a twin brother. He grew up in Northern New Jersey. His first interest in visual arts came in a High School darkroom photography class. He soon discovered photoshop, and found the software more effective for creating digital collages and illustrations than typical photo editing. He began designing t-shirts and album art for local bands and selling their merchandise at local shows. After graduating highschool he moved to Philadelphia attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia for Graphic Design. It was here, in his theory classes that his interest was peaked in drawing and fine art. He continued school while maintaining a growing interest in traditional hand skills and printing techniques, as well as the local Philadelphia Art Scene. He moved back to Northern New Jersey in 2009.


With his experience in digital software as well as traditional techniques, Kevin experiments with mixed mediums ranging from digital image manipulation, painting, drawing, printmaking, as well as videography, and motion graphics. He has exhibited in and around the North Jersey area, is currently working in advertising in Wayne, NJ, and is working on a documentary with his twin brother, a filmmaker, on adoption.

Esha Kallianpur,

Esha Kallianpur

Esha Kallianpur is interested in witnessing & documenting paradox, patterns, and progression. Esha sees bright colors in a gray composition. Based in northern New Jersey for 21 years. Themes Esha is interested in include location and environment, specifically the locus of New Jersey as an origin of a group’s & individual’s culture and conditioning. Began attending Montclair State University in 2008 in the pursuit of developing and bridging foremost interests in visual communication, gender, reproduction, and the physical realm, as well as a BFA in Filmmaking. Completed in 2013, and pursuits before and since then have expanded to progressive activism, study of collectivism, and the metaphysical realm. Esha is looking to begin a series of installations, in collaboration with Alex Cumming, that evoke film set design, construction, and dressing to explore the way in which environments can be expressionistically staged. Mediums include but are not limited to: painting, illustration, printmaking, film, photography, words, sounds. Cyclical, sprawling histories and the stories of entities confronted by change. Life is unending melodrama.

Alex Scott Cumming,

Alex Scott Cumming

Alex Scott Cumming grew up in Essex County. In adolescence, Alex was inspired by ascetic and anarchist ideology. After ceasing academic studies, Alex pursued a proactive and conceptual artistic identity. Alex wrote over 100 poems exploring themes like the human pursuit of death, civilization’s iniquity, and personal malaise. In 2010, Alex sought inspiration in consciousness studies and meditation. Artwork became more symbolic and visionary. In 2011, Alex began working with Oculus Art Collaborative.

Heidi Hussa,

Heidi Hussa

Heidi Lorënz-Wettach Hussa is an installation artist and architecture student who works in a variety of media, and uses a visual vocabulary that addresses symbology in both sincere and insincere dialogues. In developing her style, she is slowly revealing a fictional inner universe. Though her approach and aim varies from work to work, it is held together by a theme of (un)conscious esoteric belief systems, expressed through installation, illustration, and performance.


Her works are based on ideal circumstances, inspired by visions of weird spatial conditions, past eras and primitivism, subtly peppered with odd, humorous details; details scrawled on walls in an anachronistic West German commune that somehow ended up in a quiet, dirty basement in the suburbs.

Dawn Foster,

Dawn Foster

Dawn Foster is a graphic designer and musician. She lives and works in New Jersey. She will be graduating from Montclair State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 2014. She is a multidisciplinary artist, stylistically traveling from 2D to 3D visual work, music and sound design, but primarily focusing on her works in graphic design. She aims to and bring digital forms to physical mediums. Much of her focus involves lines. The simplicity of simple lines and shapes is what triggers her to go further. From this origin, it builds up full of disorienting angles and contours, setting off a fragmented chain reaction of repetition and spontaneity. On a personal level, it is about how humans reflect off of one another- seeing herself in her work, and having others see themselves. Much of her work can be seen as merged reliance on both chaos and organization.

Lizzy Storm,

Lizzy Storm

Elizabeth Storm is an emerging artist raised and currently residing in West Orange, NJ. A view of New York City’s skyline from the hills of her home town has left Lizzy with a constant reminder of the visual information involved in understanding deep space and spatial relationships. While attending college as an undergraduate at Rhode Island School of Design, Elizabeth honed her skills in visual communication. A well of inspiration was opened through her investigation of geometric perspective drawing in conjunction with landscape. The resulting work bridges a gap between the realism of landscape and the abstract mathematics of geometry. She has returned home to New Jersey to exhibit in the up-and-coming art scene of Newark, NJ.

Jacob Mandel,

Jacob Mandel

Jacob Mandel primarily works with photography. His work focuses on ideas, introspection, memory, and emotions. Through his practice he reflects on experiential phenomenon using photography as a parallel to the way we see the world. His work is influenced by a passion for the history of photography, and a constant engagement with attempting to define his perception of the world around him. Mandel believes photographic processes can be used to subvert expectations of what a photograph can or must do. Through that contradiction of purpose he believes his artwork mirrors our own understanding, and misunderstanding, of the world around us. Experimentation is crucial to Jacob’s artistic practice and pushing the boundaries of his vision is something he strives for constantly. This has led him to establish a series of oil pastel paintings focusing on minimalist interpretations of his memory of specific places. These scenes act as a translation of memory and experience through Jacob’s personal artistic vision.