Oculus Membership



Thinking of becoming a member of Oculus?

Oculus Art Collaborative is a unique organization. As a small collective, Oculus does not (at the present) offer membership like other organizations do, where someone can be considered a member through passivity, by paying a fee. Each member of Oculus is expected to be active, and participate in the collective through collaborations; attending meetings; volunteering time; and becoming a part of the group. Though members are not expected to devote themselves to Oculus full time, participation when their schedules permit is expected. Members roles and standing in the organization are based on their participation and commitment.



There are tiers of Oculus membership:


Non Artist Members: As Oculus Art Collaborative is non discriminatory, all people with an interest in art are welcome to join. Non Artist Members may participate in planning events, attending meetings, etc.



Exhibiting Artists: An exhibiting artist is an artist who may not necessarily be a member of Oculus, but has exhibited at shows through Oculus. Exhibiting artists do not need fill out the membership form. To become an exhibiting artist, simply respond to one of our open calls. If no open calls are currently available, check back in a few weeks.



Provisional Artists: Provisional artists are artists who have applied for membership, who are not resident artists (but may be seeking to become resident artists. Provisional artists must be active in the organization, and can only attain residency after 6 months of consistent participation. Provisional artists are entitled to utilize the Oculus studio space with the permission of resident artists. Provisional artists who are seeking to become resident artists must attend all meetings, participate in planning, and exhibited in 5 to 8 Oculus shows.



Resident Artists: Resident artists are the bread and butter of Oculus. A resident artist is a member who has been in the organization for 6+ months, participated in planning at least 5 major exhibitions, and personally exhibited their work in 8+ shows. To be considered a resident artist, one must be utilizing the organization’s shared studio space, and therefore; paying monthly dues. Resident artists must be present at most meetings. Each resident artist is entitled to a yearly solo show, full access to studio spaces, as well as assistance in their own personal endeavors. Every resident artist has a specific role in the collective. There is a residency commitment of one year, after which the artist must reapply to continue as a resident.


To read the full description of membership, view the Oculus bylaws.