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Call for Artists

Show title: O.O.O.A. – An Object-Oriented Ontological Activity
Dates: Continuous, summer 2016
Location: See current call for most recent location: Oculus_Open_Call_SUMMIT


O.O.O.A. is an anarchic interactive public performance inspired by John Zorn’s COBRA and object-oriented ontological philosophies by Yale architecture professor Mark Foster Gage in which the public and event performers will collaborate using experimental sound objects and improvisation to create an original composition. The public is invited to participate in all aspects of the performance; as conductors, musicians/performers, and as listeners. This project was created by Oculus Art Collaborative and Collaborate Audio Lab and is being hosted by the High Focus Institute.

Artists are asked to design a sound object placed at stations where the public will be able to collaborate directly in the performance and aid in the improvisational creation of the composition. The artists can engage with the public in brevity to instruct participants in the performance and thus take on the role of educator as well as designer. These objects may be anything, as long as they create tones or add a percussive element to contribute to the soundscape. They may be musical in nature or abstract. Artists must allow the public to interact with the objects in some form, so they may explore the objects’ potentials limitlessly. There will be a dedicated rhythm section performing during the event that will set the basic structure for which the improvisational interactions from the public will expand upon.

The sound objects the artist will make must fit into specific guidelines which are listed below:
1) Must create sound
2) Must fit on a 6’x2.5’ table or be able to be operated by a participant holding it.
3) Must be made for public interaction

Objects should be fairly loud or amplifiable. The sound object will be placed at a station during the performance and will be left open for the public to interact with. Each artist will be given the opportunity to explain their design to the public if they choose.

To submit: message to or email to



Call for Artists

Opening reception: February 1st, 2014
Location: Index Art Center
237 Washington Street
Newark, New Jersey


INSTALLATION ARTISTS, VIDEO ARTISTS, PROJECTIONISTS, SCULPTORS: Oculus Art Collaborative in coordination with Winston Scarlett’s Slackgaze Showcase, seeks to utilize the raw space in Index Art Center’s burgeoning new location with a night of music and installation work. Oculus is seeking submissions of video installations, light installations, projections, installations, sculpture, and other three dimensional work. There is no size restriction.



Submissions must include the following:

1. A written proposal and/or image of the installation
2. Artist name, location, short bio/statement
3. 1 to 3 images of past work



-Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.
-Artist must provide their own tools and materials required for installation.


Delivery and pick up of work:

-All work accepted for exhibit must be delivered at a specified date, and picked up at the end of the exhibit from Index Art Center in Newark, NJ during the drop-off period.
– IAC must be informed if someone other than the artist is to pick up or deliver.
-Accepted works cannot be substituted and are committed for the duration of the exhibit. Index Art Center reserves the right to reject work not accurately represented in images submitted.


Exhibition calendar:

January 23 Deadline/acceptance notification
January 25 and 26 Drop off
Install must be complete by Thursday, 1/30
February 1 Exhibit opening reception 8-12 pm
February 7 pick up



Call for Artists

The Ocul(eye): Volume 3


PAST OCULUS ARTISTS are invited to submit work for volume 3 of Oculus Art Collaborative’s visual publication The Ocul(eye).

The logo and symbol of the Oculus Art Collaborative is a concept-rich symbol, an eye. In this 7 to 10 page booklet, each artist designs a page (or pages) of their interpretation of the eye, displayed through an illustration of an eye, accompanied by personal poetry and essays.These works can be about personal associations to the symbol, real stories about the organization or about other uses of the eye in culture, fictional stories, thoughts, feelings, factual accounts, etc.

Each page will have one illustration, and one written piece. There is no minimum/maximum word count, as long as it fits on one 4×5.5.


Submissions must include the following:

1. An illustration, painting, digital, or photographic facsimile of an eye scaled to 4″ x 5.5 ” in .jpg format.
2. Artist name, location, short bio/statement.

Please email all submissions to or

Please check our Facebook for the most up to date information.