processionPROCESSION is an ongoing performance piece by Oculus Art Collaborative.


‘Procession’ serves a number of purposes; the first being an experiment in impromptu public performances of an esoteric nature.

The second is a reintroduction of the tradition of processions to American culture. Many cultures throughout the world have their own processions (for a number of reasons; celebrations, rites of passage, mourning, rituals, holidays, etc.) The only procession the United States seems to have adopted is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. ‘Procession’ seeks to reestablish this tradition, and align it with personal celebrations, cosmic events, or days of mourning.

The third purpose of ‘Procession’ is to explore and open the dialogue on the American practice of the rejection of the acceptance of death and the mourning process. In many other cultures, as well as indigenous cultures, death is regarded in a sublime way; an unholy and unavoidable fate; sometimes personified as a being or physical entity; celebrated and scorned in a ritualized fashion. In this era, we have expensive funerals and dinner parties, a one or two day leave of absence from work, after which we are expected to return to normalcy as if death is not an inescapable reality.



On December 21st, 2013, costumed mourners will take to the streets of Montclair, New Jersey to perform this piece. ‘Procession’ will be performed for 45 minutes as the mourners walk from Church St. to Bloomfield Ave, then back up to Park St. This ‘Procession’ will be a celebration of the Southern Solstice.


All are welcomed to join for the walking of a procession. Those interested are encouraged to contact